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From Training to LEARNING

Written by Zerry Lanar, M. Ed Learning & Technology on Thursday, 04 March 2010. Posted in Learning, Simulation

What type of instructor | trainer | professional are you?

From Training to LEARNING

Due to the dynamic environment of transit properties, resource utilization, and the training environment, it is difficult to schedule and maintain consistent and effective training. The safety –sensitive employees are not receiving critical defensive driver skills which has  compromised mandatory safety and compliance requirements. Furthermore, unsafe incidents and conflicts have increased due to sufficient skills in interpersonal relations and conflict resolution. Maintaining a consistent schedule for classroom, live, and virtual simulation instruction is effective in reducing or eliminating the number of preventable accidents and incidents . Jerram (1994) notes that "A branch of the U.S. Military estimated that their technicians’ ability to diagnose faults with helicopters increased by 90 percent after the adoption of simulation and multimedia training. Over a period of five years, they expected at least a 20-fold return on their investment.

Now this should sound sweet to any organizations ears. Or is it? There is a training method your agency should never use. I call it "Check list" training. For compliance, it is common to conduct training while neglecting learning. Somewhat of the cattle approach. "shuffle em in, shuffle em out, check off the list". Understanding, learning transfer, or class feedback? Well that's for people with too much  time on their hands. 

 So what does this accomplish except compliance? As an professional, you owe it to any person, group, or organization to give the best you. What is that best you? The best You in any profession is the professional with so much genuine concern for a person's success, that participant has an actual "learning experience". It's is the professional that is prepared and equipped with knowledge and strategy from private passion for learning. That's what separates the professional from the average. Are you a "Checklist Trainer (CLT)"? Checklist Trainers develop Checklist Employees (CLE). It may or may not be a new concept for some. Perhaps the symptoms of low morale, degraded performance, and high turnover are a result of CLT's. Lastly, CLT's eventually become CLM's, Checklist Managers, CLM's (Checklist Managers), CLD (Checklist Directors), and eventually CLCEO's (Checklist Chief Executive Officers).

The result? Bad organizational performance, poor communication, high turnover, poor financial management, low morale, and eventually catastrophe depending on the organizational type.

The solution? It's a simple lesson we learned as children. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Would you want a CLBS (Checklist Brain Surgeon). Ahh just did enough surgery on you to meet his time requirements. Of course not! Why would you do that to those that sit under your command? (as said in the military). Give the best you. Don't be lazy? Do avoid the hard or inconvenient task. A CLT can be the difference between death and life in some cases.



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