"Technology is the extension, not the replacement of the mind"

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The key to learning is using the mind correctly with technology, not replacing the mind:

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Music & Sound
Exploring the power of frequency  and music to change the world.

Audio Restoration
 Recording Engineer

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Exploring the power of frequency  and music to change the world.

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A Soldier, An Educator, A Creater

Virtual Simulation

Featured simulation instructor and former Lockheed Martin Multimedia Design Engineer, Zerry L. Hogan explains the use of simulation technology. Zerry was a Technical Lead in the acquisition and delivery of the simulation technology for Lynx (Orlando) from 2013 - 2014.  In 2014 and transitioning to the project manager, a custom simulation curriculum was built that documented a 67% accident decrease in "SIM" trained drivers.

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    Simulation Instructor

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