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TRAINING or LEARNING? - Arise of the Checklist Trainer (CLT)

TRAINING or LEARNING? - Arise of the Checklist Trainer (CLT)

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What type of training professional are you? ARISE OF THE CLT'S

  Due to the dynamic environment of most professional organizations including transit properties, it is challenging to maintain consistent and effective transfer of learning and knowledge.

Safety –sensitive or otherwise vital employees are not receiving critical defensive driver skills which has compromised mandatory safety and compliance requirements. Furthermore, unsafe incidents and conflicts have increased due to deficient skills in interpersonal relations and conflict resolution. Maintaining a consistent schedule for classroom, live, and virtual, constructive simulation instruction is effective in reducing or eliminating the number of preventable accidents and incidents . Ft Rucker is a military flight training base for Army aviators. “We don’t train helicopter pilots here,” said Godfrey. “We teach candidates to become expert combat leaders. The helicopters are just the tools to accomplish the mission”  Military Simulation and Training Magazine. (2017). With the addition of augmented reality combined with traditional learning strategy, a wealth of possibilities are on the horizon.

Now this should sound sweet to any organization’s ears. Or is it? There is a training method your agency should never use.

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